I am nothing but an ordinary human being. But I can be your nightmare and your dream, your universe and your hell . I am not a damsel in distress, trying to make my way out waiting for my prince. I am a hero in my own little world, a fighter , a helper for those in need. I am the raindrop that waits to become a water vapor and to comeback in the never ending sky.
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Hopeless Dreamer of Love

Captivated by love she sang along

Engulfed in that moment when they blended

Singing every lyrics of their song

She has never thought how it will end

Or how it’ll creep down in her core

Was she wrong?

Did she not give it her all?

In these four walls she has kept

Promises and heartaches

The risk she has done

The love that begun

The waters of her eyes

The moan in the night

One day she will see the light

Sometime, somewhere in her life

And in a poetry that doesn’t rhyme

She will find her butterfly

drained out

and now i am writing in here again

head throbbing

hands shaking

uncontrollable tears pouring

there are a lot of things the mind can explain

the eyes can see

the ears can hear

but i chose to speak

i chose to believe

i chose to tolerate the things that should’ve been killed

now once again i am here…

i am pitiful

i am in a black out

who will be here with me

i don’t know

i wouldn’t know

because the ones who understood couldn’t understand

the ones who answered were all wrong

and the ones who got it correctly were cowards

yeah, i am here

in this Calvary finishing it up..

finishing it all up..

but i couldn’t finish it all..

'cause i am the one who understood but couldn't understand..

the one who answered but got it all wrong

the one who got it correctly the second time..

but i was a coward.. always been a coward